Fonde Bozzole, Incantabiss Lambrusco Mantovano, NV

Fonde Bozzole, Incantabiss Lambrusco Mantovano, NV

Lombardia, Italy

Southeast of Emilia-Romagna, across the River Po, Lambrusco Mantovano DOC is the only appellation outside of Emilia-Romagna producing Lambrusco. Brothers Franco and Mario Accorsi farm their small parcels of old vineyards organically, amidst pears and apples, and have resurrected nearly forgotten varietals of Lambrusco – Lombardy natives, and cousins to the more famous Emilia-Romagna varietals.

It is the only Lambrusco produced in Mantua that comes from a guyot plant.

Hand harvested and natively fermented Lambrusco of our dreams. Crunchy red currants and super fine bubbles that tickle your nose and tongue - dancing on your tongue really like pop rocks.

Tart raspberry yogurt – like a sweet-tart, with a really cool bitter-herbal edge to cut nicely through a tiny bit of RS. Explosive cherry blaster vibes. Fermented almost dry.