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This 3 pack contains one bottle of each cider:

Guelph, ON


A blend of cherry cider and orange Riesling. Dressed Up to Party is 80% cider macerated on fresh Montmorency cherries, and 20% Riesling fermented on skins for 13 days.

What's it like? Fruit gusher filling, overripe pineapples, and that savoury crunch factor we love. This blend got a mega dose of skin contact to make up for not hugging our friends in months. Party Time.


A Foraged Pét Nat Cider. After pressing the fruit we let the juice spontaneously ferment with its own wild microflora. We bottled it as a zero/zero Pét Nat to stay as true as possible to the wild fruit.

What's it like? Wildling drinks like the best French cidre. The aroma takes you out to the wild groves where the fruit was picked: all fall leaves and sweet apples, forgotten by time. Mouthwatering tannins, with the softest funk from our native microflora - this is Revel at our best. A small sweet note comes through on the pallet, like if you turned apple skins to silk. 


Long Story is a blend of saline, sherry-like cider aged in oak (2017), with young, bright Sauvignon Blanc (2020). Enjoy it chilled, or over a big ice cube. If you loved our vermouth, you'll like this aperitif too.

What's it like?: Long Story is pretty magical. Buttery, salty oak melds with tropical lychee to create a mind-bending maraschino white-tea profile. It's weighty, low acid and still. Meant to sip and contemplate. Unlike vermouth, we recommend treating Long Story like a regular bottle of wine and finishing it within 2-3 days.

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