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This 3 pack contains 1 bottle of each wine:

2018 OPI D'AQUI L’Orangéade
Languedoc, France

Clairette grape variety macerated for 15 days then aged in stainless steel. This crisp, refreshing wine tastes like a cross between a dry Sauvignon Blanc and a slightly mineral-like Sauterne mixed with a dash of fresh-picked tart apples and a splash of orange rinds. Natural wine! No sulphur = no problem! 

2019 PHILIPPE BRAND Fleurs Maceration
Alsace, France

15 day skin contact Pinot Gris with a neon glow. This wine is organic, biodynamic and made without any additives. There is an initial floral rush at first sip, then it gets all crunchy with red fruits, and finishes with Sweet-Tarts and acid. So much light, energy and uncontrollable joy in this wine, like a unicorn shrooming down a glittery rainbow.

2020 Paradise Grapevine The Way I Dream of You Pét-Nat
Niagara, Ontario

A transparent fizzy gem with a coral hue so deep it borders on ruby. Fermented on skins for 10 days. For aromas think of the elusive white strawberry, a trumpet lily buzzing by the breeze of an open window, and bitter almond cake cooling in a cottage kitchen. We are not the first to wonder, does Pinot Gris not fall into the traditional categories of red or white but emerges instead creates a new category for itself as an amber grape? It is like a cross-genre artist, never to be fully determined but definitely always inherently cool.