Birds of a Feather, Flock Together

Birds of a Feather, Flock Together

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In a wine-obsessed region, FieldBird is making fascinating ciders and perries from their biodiverse vineyards in Prince Edward County through the lens of sustainability and heritage. FieldBird is trying to resurrect the heritage of pre-war dry cider making, producing crisp, quaffable ciders that lean heavily into history. Instead of overly saccharine adult apple juice, expect funkier, more forward-thinking ciders for the wine and beer crowd. 

This 3 pack contains 1 bottle of each cider.

Notes are from FieldBird owner Ryan Monkman.

2019 FieldBird Black Barred Perry

PEC, Ontario

Pears are cool. We like pears. Pears like organic farming practices. The pear trees at our orchard produced an exceptional amount of fruit in 2019, in fact that harvest is now known as "pearmageddon" around these parts. We had literal tonnes of a bunch of different varietals, they were all beautiful and delicious...but there were a lot of them. This let us play around with a few different styles. One of which is the 2019 Black Barred. Fermented with skin on, we wanted to add some sparkle. These pears went into a giant, pressurized, stainless tank, giving us refreshing, crisp bubbles. The result was so delicious! We partnered with our friends at Lighthall Vineyards to do a special run of Charmat style sparkling. Think of it as prosecco, but with pears.

Fieldbird Flock Batch 001 Cab Fermented Perry
PEC, Ontario

Our first Flock release is also our first still perry. Co-fermented with Cabernet Franc skins, Batch 001 carries a light, earthy-red colour. Cured pear and floral peach dominate the aromatics. The mouthfeel is smooth, round, and subtle; a gift of the Cab Franc. Aged for six months in a light-toasted barrel then bottle-aged for complete integration of flavour.

2018 Field Bird Sing Song Traditional Method
PEC, Ontario

"This is our answer to champagne". Sing Song’s journey started in 2018. We bottled our base cider with extra yeast, let it sit for eight months, and riddled in 2019. Disgorging was a blast! After only a handful of messy explosions we topped off the finished cider with itself and bottled the finished Sing Song in November 2019. So technically this is a ‘brut nature’ sparkling. The result is an elegant dry sparkling cider with a creamy mousse.