FIZZ! Italian Throw-backs

FIZZ! Italian Throw-backs

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This 3 pack contains 1 bottle of each wine:

Podere Cipolla di Denny Bini 2019 Rosa di Venti (Lambrusco Grasparossa) 
Emilia Romagna, Italy

Organic 7 ha farm in Emilia-Romagna. Marl and sand soils. After too many years of industrially-produced mediocrity, Emilia is now home to a small but growing cell of artisanal producers who are farming carefully and returning to the metodo ancestrale of their great-grandfathers. Denny Bini is one of the humble heroes of this renaissance-revolution. Pure, lively and racy. Explosive freshness and deliciously drinkable. Electric pink adult fun fizz kool-aid. A chuggable pop rock delight!

Azienda Agricola Toscani 2019 Lolí (Syrah Sparkling Ancestrale Rosé)
Tuscany, Italy

Tuscan wine like you have never seen it from sustainable winemaker Oliviero Toscani. Syrah grapes picked just after veraison - when the grapes have just changed color as a sign of ripening. Bright pinky peach, extremely savoury and refreshing. It has an extremely fine and elegant fizz. This is an ancestral method Pét Nat that is unfiltered and needs a little shake to make sure you get all the unfiltered juicy bits. Grapefruit, granny smith apples, fuzzy peaches. Elegant, bizarre, and unique.

Podere Cipolla di Denny Bini 2019 Ponente 270 (Lambrusco, Malbo Gentile) 
Emilia Romagna, Italy

Denny Bini founded Podere Cipolla in 2003 on his family’s farm with the intention of making lambruschi that are faithful, transparent representations of the Emilia Romagna territory. Secondary fermentation occurs in the bottle: the classic method of making Lambrusco that has all but disappeared. This wine is savory, structured, and layered. Lively fizz with tons of crunchy black cherry cola vibes.