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This 3 pack contains 1 bottle of each wine: ️

2016 Quebrada Del Chucao Barrel Aged Cider
Valle Del Tolten, Chile

Garagiste unique cider from Tolten Valley in Chile - a picturesque region of extinct volcanoes, lakes and forests, with a continental climate also home to a patchwork of old apple groves established by postwar European settlers. Rivera sources his apples from a roster of three core growers where the short, low yielding trees are aged between 50-80 years old and have always been managed organically. In lieu of specific varietal identification (which is now underway), the apple cultivars carry local names like Gravenstein, Alvarado and Roja Chica – the latter a small, tannic variety Rivera uses for structure. Quebrada del Chucao has also started to plant the Nahrwold farm with massale selections from the finest material. Production is tiny with less than 300 cases. Bottle fermentation gives their ciders super fine/soft bubbles, with some apple sweetness on the palate, but the finish is dry with excellent texture from the apple tannins. This ‘Barrel Aged’ cider has spent some time in oak barrels giving the cider more complexity and a slight hint of vanilla.

2020 Paradise Grapevine The Way I Dream Of You 

Niagara, ON

Pinot Gris Skin Contact Pét-Nat. From our friends who made this: The fruit was sourced from the organic (uncertified) Redfoot Vineyard in Lincoln, Niagara (thanks Pearl Morissette!). We destemmed the berries and fermented them in open tops for 10 days, before a gentle press into stainless steel. When the residual sugar hit 15 g/L we halted fermentation by chilling the wine. After a 10 day chill we bottled the wine (sulphur free) and stowed it away for 5 months to rest. Since there was quite a yeast build up in this wine we decided to disgorge the bottles - a new process for us and a great practice run for our future traditional method dreams. The result is a translucent ruby 'orange' pét-nat with a high carb level and a simple, super-dry, delicious profile of wild strawberries... it rips a great mousse too ;)

Guelph, ON

A Foraged Pét Nat Cider. From Revel: After pressing the fruit we let the juice spontaneously ferment with its own wild microflora. We bottled it as a zero/zero Pét Nat to stay as true as possible to the wild fruit. Wildling drinks like the best French cidre. The aroma takes you out to the wild groves where the fruit was picked: all fall leaves and sweet apples, forgotten by time. Mouthwatering tannins, with the softest funk from our native microflora - this is Revel at our best. A small sweet note comes through on the pallet, like if you turned apple skins to silk. 

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