Baia's Wines, Aladasturi Pet Nat, 2020

Obcha, Imereti, Western Georgia

Baia's and Gvanca's wines all center around indigenous grapes varieties to Imereti. The western part of Georgia, which is closer to the black sea, is more humid than the east thanks to a mountain range, which traps all the humid sea-air. Over 8,000 years grapes have been adapting in Georgia and the western varieties tend to be higher in acid due to the unique climate. For white grapes Baia has three planted in her family vineyards: Tsitska, Tsolikouri and Krakhuna. All three of these grapes produce higher acid more mineral driven wines. Baia is producing both in the traditional method in qvevri, large earthen clay jars buried under the ground, and in stainless steel cisterns. Most of the wines are produced with some amount of skin contact. Raspberry, cherries, cherry pit, fresh herbs, hints of bell peppers dusted with white pepper.  Medium bodied and easy drinking.