Okro's Wines, Mtsvane, 2018

Sighnaghi, Eastern Georgia

Founded in 2004, Okro’s Wines focuses on producing fine natural wine from regional Eastern Georgian grape varieties. All Okro’s wines are made with traditional Georgian techniques, and grapes are harvested organically with no chemical additives. Six Georgian varieties of grapes are grown on Okro’s 5.5-hectare estate: Rkatsiteli, Mtsvane, Saperavi, Budeshuri, Tsolikouri, and Tavkveri.
Mtsvane is a grape variety native to the Georgian Republic. The name means "green" in the Georgian language but the wine was fermented and aged in anfora (the clay vessel fermenting pot used for millenia in this part of the world) a pale amber color in the glass. Great aromatics and citrus flavors that make a fantastic pairing with grilled or baked fish, cool soups, and pork.