Opi d&

Opi d'Aqui, L'Abricotier, 2019

Languedoc, France

The Languedoc-Roussillon region in the southwest of France is a powerhouse of production and the single biggest region for production in the whole world. This relentlessly warm area produces over a third of all French wine, no small feat considering the complexity and diversity of France’s famous wine regions like Champagne, Burgundy and Bordeaux. Opi d’Aqui operate out of Clermont l’Hérault, west of Montpellier (check out the Google map at the bottom for reference) where they use strict organic and biodynamic agricultural practices. Different plots with clay-limestone soils and various exposures allow the optimal conditions for grape maturation.

This is one of the most revered natural wine producers in the world. Phillippe Formentin has crafted a cult winery in the south of France, celebrated for their no-nonsense approach to winemaking and the resulting wines. L’Abricotier is made from 100% Grenache, sourced from a single vineyard called “L’Abricotier”. This is totally unlike other Grenache wines from the south of France that are typically rich, weighty and high in alcohol. Phillippe uses semi-carbonic maceration in the winemaking process for L’Abricotier which intensifies the fruitiness of the wine while preserving the freshness and incredible aromatic intensity.

Medium red in the glass like a Pinot Noir with intense red fruit aromatics and flavours. Fragrant red fruit, jam and some of the typical natural ‘funk’ with floral hints like roses and violets. Excellent acidity alongside the light-to-medium bodied mouthfeel. An excellent bottling from Phillippe that will delight natural wine aficionados.

Pair with Swiss Chalet chicken dinner takeout. Yes, we’re serious. Or hit up one of the many Portuguese chicken places in Toronto for something a little more ‘elevated’ than Swiss Chalet. Either way, phenomenal with roasted chicken and sauce.